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February 9, 2009
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

Hunter’s Manor was dark bricked and ominous, with huge surrounding walls and tall trees. It didn’t strike me as a home, more of a fortress and I looked at it in fear. Master’s Manor was a dolls house in comparison to this place.
We drove around the back so not to bring attention to ourselves. I looked across at Hunter as he took the keys out and he looked at me, “are you OK pet?”
I looked back at the Manor, “is Marcus...”
“I promise he won’t see us pet.”
I nodded shakily, “and your other slaves?”
“I don’t have any slaves...” I looked at him and he smiled. “Apart from you. Come, we’re wasting time.”
I smiled, “yes Master.” I climbed out of the car and began to follow him to a back door, which was hidden amongst some bushes. I couldn’t help but feel frightened as I entered the Manor, but only because of my loyalty to’d been programmed into my head since I was fourteen that I was never to enter another Master’s house without his permission...and here I was, breaking that rule.
Hunter took my hand and began to lead me down small passageways, going up a few hidden staircases. It was like back at my Manor; these were used by Master’s slaves to move around our home, so Master or his guests wouldn’t see us.
I could hear others in the house; the occasional giggle from Marcus’s slaves...a few male voices chuckling...I kept close to Hunter, frightened of being caught.
We eventually reached a large room, a grand fireplace and four poster bed sat proudly in it, matching the Manor they were set in. It was all decorated in navy blues and maroons, dark but beautiful.
Hunter locked the door behind him and smiled, “welcome to my room, pet.” He walked up to me and I bit my lip, “do you like it?”
I nodded obediently, “yes Master.”
It was refreshing to walk into a room without chains hanging from the walls. This was a normal bedroom, though I did hope he had some toys hidden in his wardrobe.
“Put your bag down and strip,” he commanded, shrugging off his leather jacket. “I’ve got a strong desire for you pet.”
I shivered and nodded, “yes Master.” I placed my bag down and began to take off my clothes, very aware of his eyes on me. But that just made pleasure well within me, loving the feel of the need in his eyes as I slowly revealed more and more flesh.
I stood before him, completely naked and he smiled, “much better pet.” He walked over to the wardrobe and said, “Lie down on the bed.” I nodded and obediently went over to the bed and lay on it, watching him as he looked through the wardrobe. “I must be careful not to mark you tonight I will have to use...soft restrictions.” He smiled as he said the last bit and took out two, silk scarves.
I smiled as he walked over to me, my nipples hardening just at the idea of him tying me up...being completely at his mercy. He took my wrists and bound them together, around one of the posts on the headboard. I tugged at them, pretending to struggle to see they were unbreakable and my eyes widened a touch.
Hunter was now just in his jeans and I stared at his naked chest, sun kissed and smooth from the summer. He smiled down at me and I whimpered, already with need strong within me, “not yet pet.” He walked over to the bedside table and pulled out something I didn’t recognise at first, and then I realised what it was...a vibrator. “I’m going to make you come three times before I have a go myself.”
I bit my lip, clasping my hands together as he spread my legs, kneeling. A soft buzzing noise brought a shudder through me as he turned the vibrator on. “You can come without permission pet...” He spread my folds with his fingers and I gasped as the vibrating metal touched my clit, sparking pleasure inside of me. I shut my eyes, groaning as he moved it against me, pushing harder and softer to send waves of ecstasy throughout my body.
He chuckled as he moved it suddenly, making me cry out. My back bowed and my body tensed as I could barely breathe from the pleasure he’d created inside of me. He released the vibrator and I relaxed, panting, but he barely gave me time to recover as he stroked it over my clit again, slowly building the movements with my breathing as the orgasm grew inside of me.
I fought it, wanting it to last as long as possible but I couldn’ washed over me and I cried out, “Master!” My back bowed and my nails dug into my palms as it welled over me...soaking me in pleasure.
But, as I began to relax, to enjoy the afterglow, Hunter began to work me again, clinging onto the edge of the orgasm and building on top of it. I bit my lip, my breathing coming in rapidly as I squirmed, unsure I could handle the pleasure, but Hunter grabbed my hips and forced them to stay still.
I whimpered, gasping for breath as I felt the orgasm growing on top of the last one...becoming bigger...more pleasurable until I screamed, back bowing as it pushed me over the edge. I shuddered, the feeling so intense I could barely breathe...
...but he wasn’t finished. He continued to play, not letting the orgasm fade and building once more...building and building until I couldn’t breathe. My eyes were wide and my body tense as I waited for the orgasm...that sweet release.
I screamed, my body shaking as the final orgasm crashed over me and I groaned, feeling the duvet soaked between my legs...
Hunter put the vibrator aside and looked at me, and I smiled, “th-thank you...M-Master.”
“Anything for you pet,” he began to unbutton his jeans, and even though I’d had barely anytime to recover I could already feel my need for him grow.
He knelt before me, completely naked, showing me his member was long, hard and ready. I looked at it, my breathing begin to become rapid as he leant over me in a push up position. “You will do anything I ask Pet.” He said and it wasn’t a question.
I nodded, “yes Master.”
“Spread your legs further,” he commanded and I did. I could do the splits so it wasn’t a problem as I lay beneath him, my body aching for him. He glanced down once before bending down and pecking me on the lips...and then thrusting his hips forwards.
I cried out beneath him as he pushed himself deep inside of me. He filled me completely and I shuddered, tightening around him as the pain he caused added to the pleasure. He pulled out once more and then thrust inside again and I moaned, my hips going up to meet his. I struggled in the bonds, wanting to push him deeper inside of me but Hunter tisked me, “stop...struggling.” He plunged deeper inside of me than he had before and I cried out, lying motionless on the bed beneath him as I tried to breathe.
He built of the rhythm of his hips and I moved with him...but he pulled back, kneeling so he looked down the length of my body and I could do nothing but lie there as he thrust inside of me. I shuddered, my body moving as the orgasm began to grow inside of me and I knew he was coming close from his grunts of pleasure. I looked at him, my eyes glazed with that look of need and desire and I could see it in his eyes too...but there was something else there, a look that showed me he wasn’t completely in control in those last few seconds...and as he thrust harder and deeper, I knew I’d be bleeding...but...I couldn’t care in those moments of pleasure.
Hunter and I came together and I groaned, shuddering.
He lay back, drawing himself out of me and looked at the ceiling.
“Thank you Master,” I whispered.
He didn’t respond, enjoying the afterglow. We lay there for a few minutes, just basking in the feeling until he sat up and looked at me. He frowned as he looked down at my cunt, “you’re bleeding...” he said shakily.
I blinked and looked down, but was unable to see the damage, “I enjoyed it Master.”
Something like fear went through his eyes and he stood up, off the bed, away from me, “I made you bleed...” he shook his head. “I hurt you.”
My eyes widened as I saw the guilt on his face, “Master...I loved it.”
“I said I wouldn’t hurt you,” he muttered, furious with himself. “Please forgive me Naomi...I got carried away...”
He leant over and untied the bonds and I watched him worriedly, “go have a shower...I’ll tidy up here.”
I didn’t argue, climbing off the bed and heading for the open bathroom door. I picked up my school clothes and looked one last time back at Hunter to see him staring at the bed in disgust...disgust at himself. We all had a dark side when it came to our fantasies...but he hated that through it he’d hurt me.
I had a shower and winced as I realised how badly I was hurt. But it was only because the damage Sebastian had caused a few days before had only just healed. I was used to it and would grin and bear it.
When I walked out of the shower, dressed, Hunter had changed the sheets and was dressed himself. He was sat on the bed, reading something and he looked up as I came out. The look on his face was completely different; relaxed. Whatever he had been feeling before had obviously passed, or he was hiding it.
“Thank you for the shower Master,” I said with a smile. He patted the bed next to him and I went over, sitting down.
“You’re always welcome...” he suddenly tensed and I frowned.
“Shh,” he ordered and my frown increased, listening. It was then I heard it, two male voices...I recognised them but from the look on Hunter’s face he didn’t. They were trying to be quiet but we could just about make them out.
He grabbed my arm and my school bag, hurrying us over to his wardrobe and my eyes widened as I saw there was a back to it. We climbed inside, pushing past the shirts and coats to a small passageway behind it.
Hunter put a hand over my mouth to keep me silent as there was silence in the room. There was a sudden ‘bang’ and then footsteps hurrying into the room. My eyes widened and I waited for a tense moment.
Then one of them spoke, “the bastards not here.”
Shit...that was Dan.
I heard the click of a safety on a gun as Josh said, “Sebastian said kill both of them.” My eyes widened and I whimpered, but Hunter’s grip increased on me, making me shut up.
“We got Marcus at least...come on...we need to go before one of his mates finds his body,” Dan replied and a tear rolled down my cheek, my breathing shaky as they hurried out of the room.
We stayed there in silence for a while and Hunter eventually led me down the passageway, away from his room. I didn’t say anything, too in shock to.
Marcus was dead? Oh god...Sebastian had sent them to kill him...oh god...
We arrived at Hunter’s car and he didn’t say anything until we pulled away, “I need to drop you back at school.”
I looked at him to see no emotions on his face, “I’m sorry Master...”
He didn’t respond.
“’s my fault...if I hadn’t told him-“
“It isn’t your fault Naomi,” he didn’t look at me as he said it. “Father knew Sebastian would try to kill just sped up the process.”
I looked away, shutting my eyes.
“I may have to thank Sebastian.”
My eyes opened and I glanced at him, “why Master?”
Hunter smiled, and it wasn’t nice, “because with father out of the way...I’m the new Master of the Manor...and that gives me a lot of power.”
I shook my head, suddenly fearful, “my Mas-Sebastian,” I forced myself to say, “will kill you!”
“Not if I kill him first.”
Sebastian plays dirty...and now it truly is Master vs. Master...

Picture by :iconlione-alex:
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