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June 17, 2011
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The walk to the walls of Sydan couldn't have been any longer for the young werewolf. Her mind was racing and the men around her remained silent. She tried to read their expressions, but Frost gave nothing away and Gregori only looked eager. Her heart pounded as Frost held her hand, not releasing it as he kept her by his side.
Was this going to be it? The final battle?
As they moved through the streets it was clear to Lucy that it had been prepared for an attack. There were areas of defence for those fighting in the battle and their homes had been reinforced. There were guards walking around in patrols, more wary than usual and the closer to the edge of the city they became, the more werewolf and vampire soldiers there seemed to be.
Lucy almost found herself pressing into Frost's side at the image; history was being written here. She knew that when times settled back into a usual routine with leadership in place that today would be one of those days told in legends. Vampire and werewolves fought side by side against a common enemy...but she wasn't sure who was going to be painted as the hero; the vampire who had united the two species or the werewolf who was fighting for his love.
Could it really be you Rain? Why have you come? She shook her head, dread pulsating through her. The army here was so strong and she knew from the numbers that Rain hadn't been left with a very strong pack. Most of the females had been taken in the raid and the young fighters had easily been swayed by Ryan's notions for power and violence. What did that leave her mate? How did he expect to fight against a walled city, the greatest city in the whole of the Shadowlands, and win?
The wall soon rose before them, a massive structure of brick that was almost as thick as it was tall. It looked like a monster in itself, impossible to defeat without the carefully placed men along it's top. Lucy swallowed hard at the image, hope almost leaving her as they began to move towards the stone steps.
It was then she heard his voice, calling through the air almost like a distant wind but her ears perked. Her eyes widened with her mouth almost going dry, but she knew that he was there. Frost seemed to sense him as well and soon they had climbed to the top. Moving to the edge, the four looked out over the lands that surrounded Sydan, expecting to see an army, furious and baying for their blood...but they were all surprised.
The fields around Sydan were bare for miles, giving any attacking army nowhere to hide so that they were easy for the archers to pick such, the sight of a single man standing before the great, walled city was impossible not to see.
Lucy's eyes widened, Rain's arms spreading out as he turned around, almost howling as he shouted, "FROST! WHERE ARE YOU? POINT YOUR WEAPONS AT ME ALL YOU LIKE I WANT TO SEE FROST!" Lucy shook her head, her hands gripping the brick but she couldn't stop herself from shouting out.
"RAIN!" Her voice shook and the man before them stopped, his back to them. He soon spun around, amber eyes searching the wall but when they found a fellow pair of amber his expression split into one of love and concern.
"LUCY!" His body moved in a way as if he had to restrain himself from running to the wall, to her but seeing her alive was enough to fill expression with a certain degree of relief. However, his attention was soon diverted as another voice sneered.
"Well isn't this romantic," Ryan growled and Rain was aware of the three powerful men standing with her then. She shook her head, not seeing his plan in this or what he was doing although she was happy to see him her concern over his safety consumed her to the core.
It was a moment later when Rain's eyes landed on Frost's that the world seemed to narrow for the pair, so that it was just the two of them, "Frost." Rain growled, a dangerous sound that seemed to rumble through the air around them. A light glow of red rimmed his irises, his wolf threatening to break free but he point a finger up at them then, his head going back, "This is just between us, Frost. Come down here and face me and let us sort this out ourselves."
Lucy panted with the adrenaline surging through her and her eyes snapped to Frost, wondering what he was going to do. She knew this hadn't been his plan, even though he somehow knew that Rain was going to come today. He had planned for an attack, but Rain seemed to have come alone for a one on one battle. She could see their gazes locked on the other's, not moving away at all as the seconds dragged by. But Frost eventually smiled.
"You want me to come down and face you? Do you want to get yourself killed?"
"If you are so confident that you are going to win, what are you waiting for?!" The Alpha demanded, elements of his other form showing through then. Hair sprouted from his skin but he controlled it, letting his body shift slightly into the beast he could become. Lucy remembered how fearsome he could be, her mind going back to when she had first seen him shift...and how frightened she had been. But this time he came for her, and she felt no fear of him at all.
Frost chuckled from next to her, taking in Rain and seeming to be the arrogant vampire once more. They had a huge audience, wolves and vampires alike along the line, watching the pair in awe and fear. Who would win? Who would make the first move? But although Frost could have attacked Rain from a distance, it seemed this was too personal for him to let go so easily.
The vampire moved to stand on the edge of the wall, rolling his shoulders as he rose above the rest. It was a dramatic image that wasn't lost on them, the werewolf spreading his stance to a more defensive one as his eyes narrowed in fury. But Frost just gave him a smile, "Do we have to fight? Do you not find that tiresome after a while?"
"Get the FUCK down here! NOW!" Rain bellowed, his anger resonating throughout the city. The world seemed to still for the werewolf and Lucy found it difficult to breathe for a moment. But Frost seemed to take him seriously as his head cocked to one side and a slow smile spread across his lips.
"As you wish," Frost stepped off the side then, uncaring for the huge drop on the other side...but it seemed that Rain wasn't going to wait. The werewolf didn't care for the witty exchange, the build up, he just wanted to destroy the man who threatened to destroy everything that he cared about. His pack had been ripped in half because of this man and he had stolen the one person he had ever learned to truly love.
Lucy's eyes widened and Ryan shouted, "WATCH OUT!" As Rain transformed mid leap. His muscles rippled and expanded as dark fur continued to sprout over his skin, bones crunching into new positions and muscles tightening to make him move a different way before red eyes snapped open. Lucy pressed forwards, growling as her wolf reacted to the sight of him but gasped as he managed to land a strike.
Wolf and vampire crashed into the wall, a crack forming from the attack and Frost cried out, the sound shocking the crowd. Clinking teeth went to wrap around his soft form but Frost's power burst out then, forcing the wolf away enough so that he could roll aside, panting for breath as the huge creature turned on him.
Frost pushed to his feet, straightening as his eyes focused on the werewolf. Rain was furious and his anger fuelled his strength, but he didn't allow it to consume him completely even at the sight of the vampire. Blood was on Frost's lips and he gave a tiny smirk, "So I see, you've finally made yourself a match for me."
"Shut UP!" Rain launched himself again then but changed his angle through the air, changing how predictable he was as he went to slash at Frost. The vampire moved, however, his speed undeniable and Lucy screamed as his sharpened nails ran across Rain's side to make blood spray across the ground. Cheers sounded from the walls and Rain rolled away, panting as Frost waved a hand up at the wall. Something fell to the ground and he ran over, picking up the curved swords as he swung them in his grip.
"You know, Rain, this hatred must get dull for you," he turned on the wolf as Rain pushed to his feet. "Lucy and I were thinking of approaching this from a different angle."
"You do NOT deserve to mention her name!" Rain snarled, spit spraying across the ground with his roar. He didn't give Frost time to think and Lucy's eyes widened as she watched, seeing that Frost had to strain to move aside from the attack...though he still receive a scratch along his side. The crowd gasped as Frost stumbled slightly, blood pouring from the wound and she shook her head, Could Rain actually win this?
"It's not about deserving it's about what is meant to be," Frost replied, swinging his swords but Rain jumped then, crashing into him before he could think.
"It's not this!" Rain cried as his teeth sank around Frost's arm. Lucy stiffened at the savage sight but hope welled through her as she saw her mate weaken Frost, spilling his blood and close to ripping his arm away...but something in Frost changed then.
Rain howled in pain, his fangs retracting from where they held Frost's arm as he fell aside. Frost had released his swords but his blood pushed through Rain and he manipulated it within him to eat away at his flesh.
"My blood can give you power...but it can also be turned against you," Frost panted, weakening though he smirked down at Rain as the wolf whined and writhed on the floor. "Don't be surprised that I kept some secrets from you."
"RAIN!" Lucy panicked, pressing against the wall and threatening to jump but Gregori and Ryan held her back, Gregori sinking his fangs into her wrist. Paralysing venom shot through her and she trembled, unable to move as they supported her.
"Frost's orders," Gregori purred to her as he watched Frost move closer to Rain below. "This isn't your fight," tears rolled down her cheeks and although she could have shifted, her wolf would still have been paralysed...and in a way she knew Gregori was right, but it didn't make it any easier to watch.
Frost was soon stood over the wolf, but after weakening him he released him from his hold, letting him breathe with strained pants. The wolf growled at him, but couldn't move as Frost frowned, kneeling down beside him, "Rain...I didn't want it to happen like this, but it's the only way that it can." Frost spoke in the language of the wolves, letting it flow through his voice and around his fangs as he reached forwards and touched one of Rain's paws. The werewolf snarled, furious at him and at himself for thinking the blood could have helped him take him down...when it in fact, had only been turned against him, "We three...we are all special and we all need to be together, not fight one another." Frost shook his head, a wind blowing across the plains as the onlookers stayed silent as the scene played out below, "I showed this to Lucy, not I just need to show it to you."
"No," Rain growled then, but not in a defiant way but in a simple, factual way before his red eye focused on Frost, furious but determined. "Lucy...Lucy and I are special, but you aren't."
Lucy paused, her eyes widening as she felt Ryan still as well from above, hearing the words perfectly. Frost had gone still, blinking but Gregori's 'what is he saying?' went ignored. Frost didn't move for a moment, but he didn't need to as Rain continued.
"You a kid, you always told me stories of the great, original vampires...and I always thought...that you were him..." Rain looked to him then and saw Frost's expression was carefully plain. "You always...made it come across as that...but that's just you all over. You never let any one see...the real you," Rain growled in pain, his eyes squeezing shut but he was determined to continue. "But that's're a boring bastard," he growled, his paws twitching as his eyes opened once more to focus on him. Something flickered through Frost's eyes, "You dance around illusions...that you are something great...but in fact, you're fucking were never special so you had to sell your soul to gain the powers you have now." Rain's muzzle pulled back to reveal fangs in what appeared to be a wolfish sneer, "You saw me and Lucy...and you saw the raw talent that you wanted for yourself...but this life doesn't belong to you any more...does it? You have to lie to others...and to confuse them so they don't see how truly really are." Frost blinked, but he couldn't meet Rain's gaze any more, his eyes downcast as things flickered through his gaze but Rain only continued, "You sold your pretend to be something fool yourself and others...but the saddest that you hurt the two people that you care about...and they're maybe the ones that could have helped you...become what you truly wanted to be."
Rain watched Frost's expression, seeing he had struck something within the vampire. No one moved for a long moment, but he knew that as he watched Frost's expression, he had hit it on the nose. Days of thinking over how to rescue Lucy had come down to one simple fact – he needed to understand Frost...and he did. He wasn't complicated, he wasn't as special as he made everyone think he was. He was just another vampire who had sold his soul... and now he was at the end of the line, having burnt any bridges he had made.
And he now collapsed from it. Lucy's eyes widened as Frost fell to his knees before Rain but instead of hurting her mate, he let the blood within him heal the damage it had caused. Rain gasped, his back arching as his body miraculously healed. Shuddering, he pushed to his feet and looked to the vampire, but seeing almost defeat in his eyes he knew he didn't have a fight here – Frost's soul belonged to another any way.
"Take her," Frost almost whispered then, looking to the ground as he stayed on his knees and his arms lay limp by his side. "She deserves to be with someone as special as her," Rain blinked, surprised but his eyes focused on Lucy then, paralysed and watching fearfully.
"Frost..." Ryan growled from above but Frost's eyes shot up then, pure fury in his gaze like never before.
"Release her!" He commanded, contorting his power inside of Ryan. Ryan yelled in pain, but gasped as he pushed Lucy forwards. Her eyes flashed wide but there was nothing she could do as she fell through the air, but Rain was already sprinting for her.
Jumping into the air, he caught her in his mouth, gently with his teeth before landing on the ground with a thud. She panted, but feeling her mate's hot breath against her skin she almost couldn't believe what was happening as tears pushed to her eyes. But although Rain's tongue rubbed over her in reassurance, he looked to Frost. The vampire was still staring at the ground, seeming to be lost...confused and Rain found himself pausing at the sight, something flinching within him.
But the vampire couldn't have it as he yelled, "LEAVE!" The words applied to everyone, some he could force to go with the immense power within him but Rain and Lucy could only choose to. Even though Rain was reluctant, he knew he had undone Frost, that this was the end for the vampire and he ducked his head before running away with his mate safely within his jaws.
The world was soon silent around Frost, no one watching him as he had forced the others away. For once it seemed as though the vampire didn't have a plan, that the world had finally won and he couldn't control the tears rolling down his cheeks as the only two people he truly cared for ran and left him to his death.
It didn't take long, his head going back and a breath coming shakily from his lips as the world somehow darkened more around him. Immense power weighed heavily along his skin. He shuddered, knowing what was coming as he breathed in the deep scent of power and ancient death.
"Your soul is mine," the voice slithered around his skin as he felt the presence walk in behind him. His eyes closed, a hand running across his shoulder before they stopped before him.
"As we agreed, it is," Frost replied, his heart pounding but he strangely felt no fear. His eyes fluttered open, his light, blue gaze focusing on the form before him that could only be described as death. It was no longer a corpse, too far gone for even a spirit but it was clumpy, liquid death that's expression formed into a smirk, one that surpassed cruelty as it took him in.
"You have failed, you have no way to gain back those you lost, this is the end," it hissed, black dots spraying across his front but Frost didn't flinch. Instead, his eyes took in the form before him, studying it as his hands rested calmly by his sides. He didn't speak or let fear cross him as his tears dried and the darkness waited for it to come. But apparently it took too long as it sneered, "Do you have nothing to say?" It demanded, not liking that it's victim wasn't scared of his fate. But Frost only smiled then, something seeming to click finally...pushing him over the edge into the abyss of the insanity he stood at the edge of at the beginning of his already mad quest.
"Fail?" He raised an eyebrow, catching the darkness's attention as something passed through his gaze; amusement, "I don't fail. I merely..." his lips quirked, exposing fangs. "Adapt," the darkness stiffened as a moment later he launched himself forwards, his hands reaching as his fangs sank into the liquid darkness, causing it to screech.
After all..
Frost smirked inwardly as damnation corrupted his soul eternally.
What fun was there in death?

A Reluctant Slave
Sequel, BloodBound: [link]

Wow, okay the has been an epic journey I have to say. Thank you for all of the support :) I really am happy with how this one has come out, seriously...just perfect atm. :)

There will be a sequel! Just not sure WHEN I will get around to it as I want a break before going back into the storyline. Tonnes of new characters with the old ones, new love story, new everything.

But for now, I hope you enjoyed the ride :)

More can be found here: [link]

Picture by ~Lione-Alex
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JollyRainbows Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
I finished this several days ago and I've been thinking about it ever since, haha. What an amazing ride it's been! Never thought I'd feel sorry for Frost, wow. Love how Rain literally broke him with only his words. I was expecting a cliche epic battle at the end, but this was so much better. 

I'm so glad that one commenter gave you the inspiration to put the explicit chapters back up, I was going to read it even though they were missing but it wouldn't have been the same. I feel lucky to have been able to read this story in its entirety because it's fudging brilliant!! What Frost said to Lucy about bringing out her powers made me think about how, in a way, all the villains we face in life are helping us to become stronger in the end. We may see them as horrible demons who hurt us--but without them, without those trials, how would we discover our true strengths? Love how all your stories have such depth to them and are brimming with universal truths. 

Bravo!! :-D
MyMasterAndMe Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much :) I love this story and Frost is a massive character for me, he's been with me for so long so it was always going to be a deep ending. Him and Rain are great together, in a way in my head Lucy is so fresh on the scene here that I want to show actually how deep their relationship goes too. Thank you for reading it and enjoying it :)
LionShallROAW Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013
HOLY SHIT THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dawm frost is a crazy bastard
MyMasterAndMe Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad you liked it :D
LlamaWithAHat Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
A M A Z I N G Story! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it, needs a LOT more publicity!! Can't wait to read the sequel ^^ Awesome job <33
MyMasterAndMe Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
aw thank you :D
bandbabe2009 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013  Student Photographer
Amazing story and I enjoyed it thoroughly, can't wait to see what else you have in store. So Is Frost dead?
GreekPrincess143 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
EPIC ending! Frost, while a complete and total ass, was pretty cool.
MyMasterAndMe Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad you enjoyed it :) and Frost is one of my proudest works so far.
GreekPrincess143 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He should be! Hes a perfect villain. As well as someone we love to hate
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